it begins with light | genesis 1.3-5

Light is where transformation starts in Genesis. Something is already present in the darkness, before light is spoken into existence, and it is in need of transformation. I almost get the impression that if the light switch is not turned on first, God will not know where to begin!

When we first come to know God, light is the first thing we discover, I think. The light of understanding floods our souls and we see things we did not and could not see before. I suppose it varies from person to person what we see first, but I imagine we might first see our desperate need of God (the chaos of an unordered life), God’s great holiness, and then the depth of our sin when placed alongside that holiness.  And finally, the extent of his great love for us, in spite of our sin.

Perhaps, then, as light rolls across the barrenness of our lives, like the morning sun spilling across the landscape, God’s providence, grace and love begin to reveal themselves at work in our lives, slowly and gracefully emerging from the predawn shadows of our ignorance. And within a few hours, it seems, it’s noon, and and the Sun stands straight up above our heads. All at once the shadows disappear and we are able to see what is yet to be re-created in our lives and the full potential God’s transformative light makes available to us.

The temptation is to be discouraged.  Look at all that is not what it is supposed to be in my life!  Look how far I am from the goodness and holiness of God!  But then, as the day more fully dawns on us, we realize that with the light comes warmth.  Yes, we have so much about our personal landscape that is in need of transformation, and it is suddenly so obvious, so plain to see.  But the warmth of God’s transforming love is equally present, and ready to begin its work!

May the light of re-creation open my eyes to my own deep need of you, O God, and the true state of my desperation without you. Speak forth your light into my life. Send forth your Spirit and word and people as bearers of that light in my life today, I pray. Reveal to me the unformed places within and the true potential for change and transformation you offer. Amen.

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