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freedom within limits | genesis 2.16-17

On an immediate level, it is extremely difficult to know what to do with these verses and this story. How literal should we take this story? Why would God not want the man (and later, the woman) to eat fruit … Continue reading

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God rested | genesis 2.1-3

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And “on the seventh day he rested from all his work.”  On the seventh day God ceased his work and took a day off.  Why bother including this detail if not to remind us that even God rested, and so can … Continue reading

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in God’s image | genesis 1.26

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Too often the story of the gospel begins with our sin.  But the Bible begins in a different place.  True, before God speaks the earth is not a “good” place – it is formless, empty and frightening.  But once God … Continue reading

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and it was so | genesis 1.6-8

God spoke it, and it was so. Sometimes God speaks and I am not certain it is so. I don’t always feel provided for and loved by God, but that does not make it any less so. I have had … Continue reading

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