and it was so | genesis 1.6-8

God spoke it, and it was so. Sometimes God speaks and I am not certain it is so. I don’t always feel provided for and loved by God, but that does not make it any less so.

I have had several conversations with others about what they feel and don’t feel concerning God. They speak of a yearning to “feel something” when they pray or worship or read Scripture.  Some people do not feel things as deeply or as quickly as others and I wonder if we have not done such people a disservice by our evangelical over-emphasis on emotion in worship.

I wonder if the first human beings “felt” God’s provision, care and grace with each new day. Or did they sometimes doubt it or feel indifferent to it as I sometimes do? I imagine it was the latter. But again, that does not make it any less true. Whether we feel it or not, God said it, and it was so. Whether we feel loved by God, provided by God, led by God, near to God in Christ, or truly forgiven by him – God said it and it is still so.

Trustworthy and steadfast God, teach me to trust your word and the promises you have made to us in Christ. Give me the grace I pray to trust your presence, provision and nearness, whether the emotions accompany that truth or not. Grant me “head knowledge” when “heart knowledge” is slow in coming. Amen.

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