in God’s image | genesis 1.26

Too often the story of the gospel begins with our sin.  But the Bible begins in a different place.  True, before God speaks the earth is not a “good” place – it is formless, empty and frightening.  But once God begins to take action and to speak, “it was good.” All of it.

When Day Six finally comes and God speaks into existence humankind, it is as if in answer to the question, “And who will watch over and tend what God has made?” God’s answer: we will.

All parts of God’s good creation are given a role to play, but humankind is given responsibility to rule in God’s stead, to mirror forth God’s goodness and grace and care throughout creation.  The Good News of Christ Jesus begins here with us in tune with God and his purposes for us – humankind in a mission.

Sin and the Fall interrupt God’s purposes in our lives, but with faith in Christ we begin to become all that God intended in the first place. We return to our calling in his image and our mission to mirror forth his goodness, grace and care to all of creation, including the fish of the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, the wild animals, all the creatures that move along the ground and the rest of fallen humankind.

Loving Creator God, thank you for returning me to your purposes and plan in Christ.  Nourish in me your likeness, I pray, that I may show forth your truth, light and grace to a world broken and bruised by sin.  Amen.

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