God rested | genesis 2.1-3

And “on the seventh day he rested from all his work.”  On the seventh day God ceased his work and took a day off.  Why bother including this detail if not to remind us that even God rested, and so can we?  To think that I can not rest or stop working, that I cannot afford to let things go for a day, or longer, is to begin to think of myself as “god.”  That is, that the world will not go on without me and my hard work on its behalf.  To refuse to rest is to bow down to the idol of me.

I who am made in the image of the one who rested, can rest, too.  One day a week there is a place in my rhythm of life that reminds me that, in fact, everything does not depend on me, but on the One who has sanctified my rest and called it holy.

There are things in my life, the work I do, the concerns and burdens I carry, people I pray for, from which I need to “take a day off” from time to time. That is to say, I must engage in the very necessary and holy act of entrusting them into God’s hands instead of my own. God is God and I am not.  Resting and entrusting these things to him is an act of worship.

Do we rest?  Truly rest?  If not, why not?  Is it because, deep down, we do not trust in God’s ability to manage things on his own?  What would a true Sabbath look like for you?  How might you mirror forth God’s image by resting this day or this week?

Sabbath-blessing God, teach me to engage in the rhythm of life you created for humankind.  Grant me rest and the faith I need to have in you to enjoy that rest to the fullest measure for which I have been created. Refresh me and remind me that the work I do and the burdens I carry first and foremost belong to you.  Amen.

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