twitter too? (now this is just getting ridiculous)

TwitterSuddenly, I just don’t care anymore. A few weeks ago I went off of Facebook, and I haven’t really missed it, other than a couple of funny videos people tried to tell me about.  Now I’m giving up Twitter, too. Let me explain.

Last night I found myself inadvertently drawn into a Twitter argument with someone who was, honestly, just downright nasty and angry. And I really didn’t understand why. I’m sure they thought it was “conversation,” but I didn’t. And I didn’t like how it made me feel, either. I was distracted and anxious and unable to let it go.

I began to reconsider why I was even on Twitter. To my chagrin, I realized that similar forces in my personality that were at work in Facebook were also at work in Twitter. It wasn’t nearly as time-consuming as Facebook, but it was still distracting. I know, I’m slow. Anyone else would have seen this coming long before I did.

Then I ran into someone who isn’t on either Facebook or Twitter, and I talked with her about it. Her words only confirmed the direction I was already leaning. She encouraged me to stop listening to so many other voices, to practice listening to the voice of God’s Spirit instead. Not that you can’t do both, but I am beginning to realize that doing both is not something I should give my time to. I can’t speak for others, but too much input clogs my spirit and brain, and makes it more difficult to hear what God might be saying to me. Twitter was just adding more noise to my life and needed to go.

Honestly, now I just find it all kind of exciting. What more might I discover about myself or God, or my family, simply by being more present and having real conversations? God only knows.

One bit of irony is that I will now have no way to “promote” this blog so that others will read it. Once again, I find I really don’t care. I’ll just write for the sake of writing, whether anyone else every reads it or not.

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4 Responses to twitter too? (now this is just getting ridiculous)

  1. Betty says:

    Dear Stacey, Hopefully, you won’t discover this blog crowds your mind. That would be a loss to those who enjoy your candid posts. Thanks for sharing what should be obvious. For some, social sites like Facebook and Twitter seem a necessary evil. For others, it’s like watching TV and more specifically, the 24-hr news stations, it is just noise. May God bless your choice and I predict you will not miss the publicity possibly gained by those other sources. Tossing bread on the water works well, too.

    • Betty, so true. Again, I certainly don’t think this is true of everyone; I’m just rediscovering the need for a return to some more contemplative practices and social media gets in the way for me. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. teresa says:

    People will read it, Stacey. Your words are always thought provoking.

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