I am a husband and father and have been serving as a pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church since 1996.  I currently serve the ECC of Lafayette, Indiana.


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  1. Jeff Sollman says:

    Hello. I stumbled across your blog while looking for the owner of the picture you use in your June 2015 post “Like depth in darkness”. I really love that post, it is very heartfelt and genuine of the experience of a prison visiting room. Do you know where the picture originated? May I Link my own project to your post? I am currently trying to find a way of making a link for family members and their loved ones who are in prison. I have recently helped an inmate find and procure a parole site when his family could not help because they just really didn’t know what to do. Anyway, I’m just starting this en devour and am not sure what it will become. Your observations on those people in the visiting room are exactly the kind of things I want us all to remember. I believe if we want our loved ones to come out of prison better people and ready to be there for their families, we need to remember they are still people while they are in, and treat them so.

    If its ok to reproduce and link to your blog please let me know, and if you know the origin of that picture I’d appreciate that too. Thank you


    • Jeff, thanks for your interest. You are more than welcome to link to my blog. I’d be honored. As to the picture, I confess I probably just googled it. I know that probably wasn’t the best approach. However, in between these two sentences, I googled “prison visitation” and the same photo popped right up. It’s on a prison site here: prison site here

      Again, thanks for your kind words, and even more so, thank you for the work you’re doing with inmates and their families. It’s good work. Peace.

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