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no longer present

There are days it seems our faces are too far apart from one another. My ear is inclined to the voice of another… a voice more shrill and exciting than yours… at least… for the time being. We stand at a party, you and … Continue reading

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children rarely wait

Children rarely wait for all our prayers to be answered before they saunter into adulthood, bold, unafraid, and short-sighted They so rarely pause, glance back over their shoulders and ask if we know the way to God knows where and … Continue reading

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twitter too? (now this is just getting ridiculous)

Suddenly, I just don’t care anymore. A few weeks ago I went off of Facebook, and I haven’t really missed it, other than a couple of funny videos people tried to tell me about.  Now I’m giving up Twitter, too. … Continue reading

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Farewell to Facebook

Today is New Year’s Day, and I’ve  been reflecting on something, off and on, for most of the Season of Advent. As I’ve prayed about the season and my own attentiveness to it, a word has repeatedly come to mind: distraction. … Continue reading

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a house divided | who needs us?

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On Sunday I preached on the division of the kingdom into the Northern (Israel)and Southern (Judah) kingdoms.  One of the points I was making was that while the division was God’s doing in judgment against Solomon’s “divided heart” or half-heartedness toward God, … Continue reading

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snow, treachery and the grace of God

Yesterday, as the snow was falling and cars were sliding and churches (including ours) were canceling services for the day, I was reminded of the beauty of snowfall and my past reflections on how much it reminds me of the … Continue reading

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in memoriam | imitating my little sister

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Tomorrow, New Year’s Eve 2013, marks one year since ALS took the life of my younger sister, Chana.  On her birthday later this month, she would have been 50 years old.  I had considered sharing some words at her funeral a … Continue reading

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