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remember that you are dust…

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I did not grow up observing Ash Wednesday. It simply was not a part of the tradition in which I was raised. And when my colleague, Steve, and I first decided to hold an Ash Wednesday service nearly 20 years ago in a joint service of our two congregations, I was nervous. Continue reading

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If I could sit on that bench, look back across the green and see myself, then I would be detached, some distance from the false self that is me. What part of me would go and sit there? What part … Continue reading

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Sometimes I feel like a sheep in wolves’ clothing… How can no one see this? Are they blind? Eventually, I’m sure, someone will find me out; they will notice that I’m not what I appear to be (or what I think … Continue reading

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the turning | genesis 3.1

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When someone wants to take control of a situation, we sometimes say that they are “taking over the reins.” The image comes from the days of horse-drawn carriages when to take over the reins was to take control of the … Continue reading

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made for one another | genesis 2.18

Apparently, my daughter’s rats thrive in community.  A couple of years ago, when her first rat died, she did some research and discovered that having two rats was much better than having only one.  They live happier, healthier lives when they are … Continue reading

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freedom within limits | genesis 2.16-17

On an immediate level, it is extremely difficult to know what to do with these verses and this story. How literal should we take this story? Why would God not want the man (and later, the woman) to eat fruit … Continue reading

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